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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 29, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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we are counting down and one super bowl players is talking about his career. plus hazing at a high school and what police will now do after a varsity football coach was fired and several students were expelled. ♪
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. vallejo police are investigating a scandal involving football players and a fired coach and we will tell you why some are saying there are still so many unanswered questions. and an 8-year-old is shot in a driveby shooting and how the police chief is responding to the growing violence in oakland. they are bringing organizers to count the homeless population and we will tell you why this is so important. >> ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning, welcome to a brand-new day, tuesday january 29th, i am dave clark.
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>> are you wondering what the weather will look like? >> thank you dave and pam. there are some clouds out there and some locations are 50 and 60 degrees but temperatures will rebound and here is sal. traffic is moving well on northbound 280 getting to highway 17 and that traffic continues to look good and also traffic looks good on highway 92 headed out to the high-rise, let's go back to the desk. new hazing allegations in a high school, here is more on why police are now getting involved and we have questions that still need to be answered, tara? >> reporter: we spoke with somebody who is familiar with the campus and they say the coach's office is inside the locker room and the question is was he there during the alleged
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attack, did it happen during school hours or after school hours, these are questions police will delve into to see if the administration bears any responsibility for what happened. they learned they will be interviewing students at st. patrick's high school as well as the diocese and they could push for charges against the students who were expelled and the allegations involved six students. on friday, the principal fired coach chris five weeks after he reported the hazing allegations to her. we have a photo of him. he was a former new york police officer who started as a coach and teacher here last august. some football players admitted to him that thursdays in the locker room, they removed their clothing and held the younger players as they assaulted them.
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there has been backlash against the principal asking why the assistant principal knew about this and did not do anything about it as well but he later changed his mind when he spoke to ryan about it. we will put a call in and we will let you know but all staff has been advised not to talk to reporters. live from vallejo, i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning, an 8-year- old girl remains in the hospital. she is the latest innocent victim of oakland's growing street violence. she was playing outside of a relative's home in east oakland when she was hit by gunfire one bullet hit the little girl's leg and she is expected to be releaseedfrom the hospital today but police are still -- released from the hospital today but police are still looking for the gunman. a veteran undercover officer was shot in the arm
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during a stake out in east oakland. court documents reveal the officer struggle under for control of his gun with three men -- struggled for control of his gun and three men did not care that he was a police officer and shot him. the two were arrested and a third suspect remains on the loose. right now a homeless count is about to begin in santa clara county. ktvu channel 2 morning news' janine de la vega is in san jose to tell us how homeless is helping out with this very special census. >> reporter: good morning, you can see volunteers from the community as well as homeless people have been recruited by the shelterer and are coming in here to this office this morning and they will be sitting down there and listening to a presentation and they will be trained on what it look for -- what to look for when doing this homeless count
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this is a video of some of the homeless who will act as guides and they will help identify where some of the homeless are living. this is done every two years and last time it was done, over 7,000 were counted living in the county. officials are trying to figure out if that number has grown and this will help the city qualify for over $10 million in federal grant money. it will help assess to plan for resources in the futur and we spoke to one homeless man who wants to help. >> directly or indirectly i will be helping myself i don't plan to be homeless for now but as of now i could be helping one of my friends so... >> reporter: so you are glad the county is doing this to help? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> reporter: last year there were numerous cleanups in
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encampments because residents nearby were complaining about it and officials were saying homeless would just set up encampments elsewhere. the long-term goal is to get funds to permanently help get these people off the street. coming up later in the morning, we will tell you, there is an incentive for some of these homeless to do this and we will tell you what that is. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. this morning president barack obama flies to las vegas and he will unveil his plan for immigration reform. senators unveiled their forum for immigration reform and critics are also speaking out on immigration reform. it begins with media day
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and ravens arrived in the big easy and joining the 49ers on sunday. media day begins this morning and thousands will gather on the field to talk to the 49ers and ravens. so far 49ers kept a low profile but some did take questions yesterday. >> it is not pressure at all. we are going to do our best as a team to get this win. we want to win and we just got to go out there and do what we did all year. being 49ers and playing 49ers ball. >> ktvu channel 2 morning news will be out there with live coverage coming up with more on mornings on 2. they are making more for the champion of the super bowl and they are now printing both names since retailers want super bowl championship they make items for both teams.
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and the merchandise made for the losing team will be destroyed. they will be ready to ship out the souvenir for the winning team as soon as the game is over. we will have more from the big easy and ktvu channel 2 morning news will have life newscasts leading up to -- live newscasts leading up to the super bowl and tune in after the game for our post game show and with fans in the bay area. ken wayne is hilarious, he is talking voodoo out there and he is just so funny. i will throw you a long is make sure you don't throw it to them. the traffic at the toll plaza is getting crowded and we
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have a five minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. if you are driving on northbound 101 approaching the 880 split, that could be a minor wreck and we'll see what it is and hopefully it will get moving any time soon. hopefully san mateo and dumbarton bridge will be moving as well, let's go to steve. we have a circle around the moon and that's high serous clouds and those are ice crystals so that is why you see that. the higher you go east, temperatures are cold for some, 30s and we have other areas near 50 degrees. so high clouds, and it is a
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breezy condition, gusts at 6 and out of the north, northwest, cool to cold mornings and a lot of that cloud cover bucks you can see cloudy skies for us and again we are okay for mostly clear. i want to show you what is going on for oklahoma city and tornadoes are on the backside of that and they could get some freezing rain and the reason i show you that is because it is headed towards new orleans and if you are traveling down there, late tuesday wednesday morning early, you can see thunderstorms and then it is gone but even so, it is severe weather moving towards new orleans. napa 33 and santa rosa 45, whatever moon bay 50, and 46
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near antioch, fairfield is 36. except for the higher clouds, it will be mostly sunny by the afternoon. breezy to windy for some. upper 50s to lower 60s and it is going to be close on the bay, all the way down to the santa clara valley gilroy upper 50s and 60s. warmer temperatures will take us into thursday friday and we have increasing clouds on sunday. the new agreement that could see the u.s. military more involved in the escalating situation in molly. the fbi is looking in the wrong place for his victims says one man. plus a prediction from a well-known local video game
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maker, stay tuned.
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. welcome to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning, two people have been killed in the capital city of somalia why. the attacker detonated explosives -- explosives and three died and the president was out of the country at the
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time of the tack. the u.s. reached an agreement with west african country allowing u.s. personnel to be stationed near the border. this comes in somalia after they were able to retake a city that had been under the control of islamist militants. before they left, they destroyed several sites and burned down a library which contained historic manuscripts. a super pack that support hillary rodham clinton for 2016 for president is now registered with the federal commission. many say they are now ready to run for hillary rodham clinton when she is ready to run. she has already 50,000 followers and she has tee that i had she is even interested in
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running but poles she is the favored democratic candidate. president barack obama will be pushing his plans for immigration reform. as kyla campbell reports, the president wants sweeping changes, kyla campbell? >> reporter: the president wants lawmakers to move quickly on immigration reform and to hell the 11 million illegal immigrants. they are expected to be more liberal than the legislation unveiled yesterday but he is not proposing new legislation. a group of republican senators created the latest framework for immigration reform but many in the republican party are not on board and critics say the proposal could do more harm than good. >> it is a big fat am necessary city bill -- am necessary city bill. >> what one had to say to us,
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when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. all right, kyla campbell, thank you. they are holding public viewings of president barack obama's speech. here there will be a public viewing at our lady of guadeloupe church which starts 11:55 a.m. zachary moitoza sent e- mails to professor at diablo valley college and the university of oregon. in one e-mail he said quote "i own a ptr-91 .308 caliber semi automatic rifle with a 20 bullet clip.." zachary moitoza was a student at the college in 2003 and in 2005 and his family said he is mentally ill.
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a serial little -- killer said fbi is looking in the wrong place for victims. last year the convicted killer led investigators to a well where the remains of four women were found and now he says the well where the fbi is currently digging is not one of his disposal spots. the fbi said his recollections sometimes have been inaccurate. a multimillionaire says he wants to keep them in sacramento. he met with the mayor kevin johnson and about two dozen local investors. mayor johnson wants to present an arena financing plan and the current owners have agreed to sell the franchise but it has to be approved by the other
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owners. don't be sunset but the super bowl winner has already been crowned. according to the information the baltimore ravens will win. they ran a simulation on xbox 360 and according to the stimulation, ed read will intercept a pass with 10 seconds left and baltimore will win. they accurately predicted the super bowl, the last 7 of the last 9 super bowls. that is virtually. >> all right, we'll see. >> it is pretty specific there, sal? we hope they are not right. >> they play and you never know. they were patriots. let's look at the commute and traffic is moving along
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relatively well. i am distracted by a fire and sirens are going on. traffic is moving along nicely approaching the 880 split with no major problems and metering lights have been put on and traffic is backed up for about a 15 to 20 minute delay. hayward southbound 880 staff is moderate to fremont, let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> you are welcome, steve. >> i am struggling but i will make it, temperatures are cold, upper 30s and 40s and these higher clouds will continue to stream down straight from the north giving us a mostly cloudy morning. these high clouds will continue to stream down from the north giving us a mostly cloudy morning and it has been a few brief snow showers near reno but most of it is done.
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50 and winds and if you are cold, it is maybe not as bad. so some higher clouds specially the cold, they seem to be the coldest so far and today's temperatures toes look to have warmer temperatures and sunday clouds in the afternoon. home prices are up and lists say the market is clearly recovering. the latest case shows the report shows the average cost of a home in the 20 largest markets gained slightly overall prices are up about 5-point 5% during the 12 month period. retailers can now add surcharges when using credit
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cards. the extra fee does not apply to debit cards and those fees are illegal in california but if you shop online businesses that are out of state you could be hit with those extra fees so when they ask you debit or credit, say debit. a nine-year-old boy is being credited a hero and we will have more on how he saved a person's life. >> what they say happened right before the car went into the water. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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when you bundle tv and internet.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. a man, a dog and a child escaped safely and a car went into the water. the accelerator stuck and the car plowed into a fence and went into the water the three were able to swim to safety and the car was pulled from the water before it leaked fuel. firefighters say the boy ran for help after a fire started in hayward. the boy's relative who was in a
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wheelchair was trapped inside. two neighbors were able to pull the man to safety and he was taken to the hospital to be treated for burns to his hands. firefighters say a lit cigarette is what started that fire. getting closer to 6:30 let's check in on traffic. a good area to avoid is the corner of 9th and brandon and we have an accident on the scene with medics. let's look at the picture we have with the rest of the bay area. northbound 280 san jose, you can see traffic is busy but it is not stop and go as you go through the very busy 880 interchange. if you are driving through pleasanton to fremont, nice drive and we have not had any problems there or on 580 getting into caster valley. high clouds over us, cold not so bad anywhere from freezing to near 50 degrees. a lot of 40s, high clouds and
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you can see they are streaming straight from the north, upper 50s for most. coming up, an 8-year-old girl is the latest victim from our growing violence in oakland. the girl's grandmother has a message for the gunman. we will tell you why police are now getting involved in the latest hazing scandal. and we'll see how markets are reacting when we go to the opening bells live next.
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. all right, welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. the new york stock exchange is actually celebrating 20 years
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of trading and it looks like it is going to be a kind of busy day and we had some good economic news and they say the market is recovering and a couple of local stocks are watching apple, so stay with us. we have more coming up. we will smile and say good morning to you, thank you for joining us tuesday january 29th, i am dave clark. >> time now 6:30. this morning an 8-year-old girl is still in the hospital after she became the latest victim of street violence. oakland's police chief will be talking about the city's crime problem in a news conference this morning, alex? >> reporter: later this morning, the police chief will be addressing a string of violence, two officers shot last week and yesterday a driveby shooting in daylight which left an 8-year-old girl
6:33 am
wounded. she is expected to make a full recovery and be reap leased from the hospital -- released from the hospital. she was playing outside before a gunman opened fire. it happened on 65th avenue. police say the child was the only person hit an innocent person in this driveby shooting. i did get an e-mail from a spokesperson and there have been no arrests so far in the investigation. ktvu channel 2 morning news spoke with the girl's grandmother who did not want to show us her face but she has this message for the gunman. >> you need to stop going around shooting innocent kids. when you shoot those gunshots you don't know where they are going and they are hitting kids. guns down, stop killing each other. >> reporter: now the shooting of that little girl comes a week after two oakland police officers were wounded in the line of duty and in one case, a
6:34 am
veteran officer was shot during a stake out and we are getting new information about that shooting and court documents now reveal that the officer struggled for control of his gun with three men before they shot him. we understand the gunman did not believe or possibly did not care he was a police officer. howard jordan will be addressing the shootings and the search for more suspects and we expect him to talk further about the shooting from yesterday that again left an 8- year-old girl wounded. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:32, the parents of a man who was shot and killed in walnut creek last month are now suing the police department. the family of anthony junior are filing a wrongful death lawsuit. police say he charged at them with a knife after a identify fight with a roommate. the -- after a fight with a
6:35 am
roommate. one police officer reacted in panic after another police officer tripped and fell behind him. lawmakers are holding a hearing to take a look at california's gun laws. fire experts will be showing lawmakers the types of weapons that are legal and illegal under california law and we have an assault weapons ban enacted back in 1989. they will hear testimony by police, researchers, advocates working against violence and also begun right's groups. news this morning in the sexual hazing allegations at a high school in vallejo that led to the firing of the school's varsity coach, tara moriarty joins us now from the school with more on why police are now getting involved in this case and the questions that still need to be answered, tara? >> reporter: all of coaches here received training and some sort of a seminar about the
6:36 am
hazing incident and was the head coach even in the locker room when these assaults went down. did it happen during the day? these are questions vallejo police will be looking into. now police only learned about all of this last thursday and they will be interviewing students at the school as well as officials in the arch diocese. the students are accused of attacking students as part of a virtual before game day. the principal fired varsity coach chris before he reported the allegations to her. he is a former new york police officer and started as a coach and teacher here last august. they said some freshman
6:37 am
football players admitted to him that varsity players -- varsity players removed their clothing and held them as they were assaulted. now they are asking why an assistant coach who knew about the allegations did nothing about it as well. but they say the principal changed his mind about it. they are not commenting and this is due to a potential lawsuit about his firing. they believe the coach did not get a fair shake here but ryan said there was a lack of supervision which leads them to believe he was not present when this hazing occurred. as far as getting any comment from the school, all staff has been advised not to speak to reporters. live in vallejo, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are finding out more about that tragic crash which
6:38 am
happened yesterday morning at 4:30. they have identified the driver as jaun hernandez. he was driving eastbound on 92 when he somehow lost control of his car. the car then slammed into a guardrail and flipped over several times. hernandez and two brothers ages 12 and 16 died in that crash and a third brother was critically injured and still no word on what caused that crash. happening now, volunteers are preparing for a homeless count in santa clara county. ktvu channel 2 morning news' janine de la vega is in san jose to tell us why it is so important to get an accurate count. good morning, jeanine? >> reporter: this room is filled with volunteers and some of them are homeless and some are not. those who are homeless are getting paid $10 per hour and they are being trained about
6:39 am
what to look for when do the count. some will act as guides and help identify areas in the city where homeless people are living. this count happens every two years and the last time it was done over 7,000 homeless people were counted living in the santa clara county. local officials are trying to figure out if that number has grown and it will help leaders assess the efficiency of the current programs to help homeless and to plan for resources in the future. >> this particular ability to count, how many are the homeless that we have and because we have been able to do this consistently over the last 15 years or so, we were able to compare stats one time to another so we want to know are we making a dent or not. >> last year there were
6:40 am
numerous cleanups because residents nearby are complaining about the trash piling up. they cost nearly $20,000 a day and officials are finding that the homeless are setting up an end can't elsewhere. -- encampment elsewhere. it is supposed to end in the next 10 minutes or so and from there people will be breaking off into groups of 2 and fanning out throughout the city of san jose to do the homeless count and we will hook up with one of those teams and we will do that bringing you mornings on 2. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. we do have some news, ray la hood has announced he is stepping down. he is the latest cabinet member to announce he is stepping down and hillary rodham clinton and leon panetta have also announced they are leaving their posts, so that is just coming in. >> sal is back and you are
6:41 am
watching everything including the east bay? >> that is right. westbound 880 is busy and in richmond as you head to the mcarthur maze, you can certainly tell there is more traffic and eastbound traffic does look good but westbound, that direction is getting filled up. speaking of that, metering lights are on and it's about a 15 minute drive time before you make it onto the span itself. we have some slow traffic across the bay and 101 and 280 still looking good and there is an 8 minute drive from san mateo to san francisco. bart is on time, 6:39 let's go to steve. high clouds are streaming over us and most of this will push off to the east and there is plenty for the rather cloudy morning. we do have gusts on the coast
6:42 am
up to 42 miles per hour. breezy, a northerly breeze, cold and very cold morningings, 30s to near 50 degrees and northerly breeze in the morning, partly sunny skies, breezezy at times and some of that high cloud deck did produce snow showers and it looks like that has ended for now. very long and impressive information for snow all in one day and the reason for that is, if you are traveling down there, be advised this is all taking a slow path in advance of that. so if you have an overnight or red eye flight, done be surprised if it is early and by wednesday it is gone. we will keep an update on that as we head towards the weekend. napa 33, half-moon bay airport, they had gusts right out of the due north. cloud cover along with a little
6:43 am
bit of a breeze holding temperatures up and there will be a lot of high clouds and that north wind is in place northwest and 50s and very low 60s on the temperatures. it is really on a close range and it is moving at about a 4 or 5 deees spread and gilroy, sunny to mild temperatures will take us thursday into friday and increasing clouds on sunday. later today, we should find out about how much snow fall california has had. they will conduct a second snow survey and they will manually check in note pack against those totals. the snow pack provides a third of the water supply. well if you like the san francisco 49ers and you also like to ski, a unique event is
6:44 am
being offered up in tahoe. the ski resort has announced they will offer 49ers fans, discounted tickets and an exciting spot to watch the game. to get a lift ticket you have to wear something 49ers. and they also have 49-cent appetizers as well. >> here is the news, it is a great day to ski, there is not a lot of people out there at that time. a former 49ers player is going to court facing an argument with an ex-boyfriend. there were serious violations found in a nightclub in brazil where more than 200 students why killed. we have a good commute
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going on and we will tell you more straight ahead. stay with us. hello?
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. good morning, upper 50s and lower 60s. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you at 6:45 police in vallejo have now
6:48 am
joined the investigation into alleged hazing which led to the firing of a varsity football coach and five students were expelled. this morning, an 8-year-old girl is still in the hospital after being wounded in a driveby shooting. after being wounded in her leg, she was not seriously hurt. they will be talking about the city's growing crime problem. and president barack obama will be talking about immigration reform. yesterday a group of bipartisan senators announced their immigration reform plan and yesterday president barack obama said he will make immigration reform a top pry otherty -- priority in his second term. hillary rodham clinton is holding a forum and they are taking a live look there and this will be hillary rodham clinton's 5th global town hall.
6:49 am
now this morning's global town hall is where she is talking about connections with india and columbia. there are new questions about whether brazillian rent use can be safe. investigators say they had no fire alarm, no sprinklers and no exits. it is believe that pyrotechs used fire which started the fire and the first of many funerals began and ended with a march to demand justice. >> former 49ers player was arrested outside of a menlo
6:50 am
park restaurant. he got mad when his ex- boyfriend tried to put soy sauce on his rice. he also accused him of stealing his underwear and he pinned him against a window and hit him several times in the face and head. harris has pled not guilty. they will be talking about the new billion dollar home of the 49ers and city leaders hope to learn important lessons about security for this sunday's super bowl game. in fact, two former officers and one former police officer from new york is there to find out more about the security surrounding the biggest sporting event in america. we need to make sure we know how to deal with security in multitudes of different places. >> they have firsthand knowledge and they responded to a melee at a san jose quake's
6:51 am
game at buck shaw last year however they know the crowds at 49ers games will be a lot bigger. now ken wayne will be joining us live at 7:30 during mornings on 2. the anchors will bring us live newscasts about super bowl and make sure you come back here for the post game and interviews with local fans in new orleans. and we will have a section in our website, just look for the home page. it is a new crash, sal? >> that's right, we have two new crashes, one is in hayward,
6:52 am
southbound 880, highway 82, we will put on the maps for you. let's do this again, southbound 880, there is a crash, southbound 880 there is a crash there across the bay and northbound at third avenue there is another crash there as you come to highway 92 driving past the highway turn off and give yourself time because traffic on opposite sides of the bay will delay your commute. there are no major problems getting into san francisco and if you are driving in san jose or trying to get into the valley, westbound 287 is getting close. let's go to steve. a lot of high clouds over us so anywhere from cool to cold on the lows and almost 50 degrees and they thin out a little bit later and still we start off mostly cloudy and you can see where they are starting
6:53 am
off mostly straight down and it is a dry pattern and quiet, maybe rain a week from today. february 5th, more likely on the 6th. cool to cold mornings. napa airport 33 and 45 in santa rosa and 45 in san jose and antioch i have seen it anywhere from 35 to 37. half-moon bay 46, walnut creek 37, some are good and some are bad. look for a mostly cloudy morning, beautiful sunrise and breezy out of the north and some of that can be rather blustery especially coasts in higher elevations. upper 50s and 60s and everybody will be close on the temperatures. starting tomorrow, lots of sunshine and definitely warmer probably saturday as well and a few clouds start to work their
6:54 am
way in by sunday. yahoo is up about a half of a percent and the trading company topped wall street's expectations. they showed gains in revenue which is the first time since 2008 and yahoo is still trailing competitors in internet advertising. we have more information about the big announcement this morning. they will sell a new ipad twice as many gigabytes and it will be more expensive, 799 for the whyfie model and it will not apply to the new ipad money. apple's stock is up 13,000 and chevron has paid $13 million in compensation after that richmond fire from the
6:55 am
refinery. most of the compensation is for medical treatment immediately after gas and black smoke went up over the refinery and chevron says they are now taking corrective action after that fire. it looks like those nomes in oakland will not have to disappear after all. plus, would you swim in this? the australian beach is covered in a sea foam and we will have more on the reason why it is happening. stay tuned.
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6:57 am
6:58 am
. check this out, ocean waters in australia is looking like a bubble bath. waves of sea form is reportedly being churned up by a cyclone but beachgoers are still swimming and playing in it. retrial of a former san francisco crime lab tech, she admitted taking cocaine from the lab and she said she only took cocaine that spilled and was being weighed.
6:59 am
the hadn't painted meant toes -- nomes, they say the nomes can stay and they say it compromised the equipped but the decision upset a lot of people in the community who said they loved those nomes. many people say the nomes are meant to be a gift to the community. sal has more information on a couple of new crashes? >> yes, northbound 101 near 92 and we are also looking at the toll plaza because we have a 25 minute delay getting into san francisco. we talked about the crash on 101 and the alternate route is 280. let's go to steve. a lot of high clouds over us, 30s and 40s to near 50 degrees and most of the morning hours, partly sunny skies this afternoon,
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